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Who Inspires You?

What does success look like to you? Is it getting the job that you were hoping to get? Is it getting the salary that you’ve always dreamed of? Is it watching your children grow into confident people who will become the next thought leaders? Is it giving back to your community?

The Canadian Immigrant Magazine asks this question every year with their RBC Top 25 Immigrant Awards nomination request. They ask you to nominate individuals who have given inspiring contributions to Canada. They ask us to reflect on what makes an immigrant successful here.

Newcomers who move to here have already taken the biggest risk – leaving everything they know – in pursuit of a better future. Awards such as these show us the triumphs and tribulations of those who did not give up in the pursuit of their dreams. The stories that come with these awards provide us emotional connections to these experiences of others before us. They remind us that we can all participate in our own hero’s journey.

As Canada enters its 150th year, it is important to reflect that Canada is a country that was built by immigrants. Each person who moved here this country came in pursuit of a better life. Each success started with a dream. Each dream had its own hardships to be overcome. Each hardship was overcome with hard work, perseverance, and a steadfast movement towards their own goal.

Do you know someone who has inspired you? Someone you look to as an exemplar of success? Have they made inspiring contributions to their new country? Do they show potential as a long-term nation builder? Do others need to hear their story and learn from their journey? If so, please nominate them. Now more than ever we need to tell the story of the immigrants who continue to build this country and make it great.