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A New School Year

How to prepare my child for school in BC

How to Prepare my Child for School in BC?

August always takes me by surprise. The first of the leaves fall from trees, the nights turn shorter, and the temperature drops every so slightly – signs that fall is coming and school is just around the corner.

As September creeps up, I find myself looking forward to what I intend to accomplish in the year ahead, much like one would approach a New Year. Perhaps it’s the school supplies – everything new and fresh, waiting for my imprint. Perhaps it’s the school year planners – asking for my goals to be marked down, pen on paper. Or, it could be the new clothes – the removal of the external traces of summer replaced with a crisp, moving forward look.

September is also a fall into routine. Waking the kids up for school, starting back up at sports and after school activities, and helping with homework. If you’re like me, you’re already planning ahead in the homework department. Local libraries offer great assistance in this area.

For example:

The Burnaby Public Library has help for your teen to work on their academic assignment, such as study help, writing help, research help, and links to school library websites.

The West Vancouver Memorial Library suggests that you think of librarians as ‘personal research coaches,’ offering help with choosing topics, tips and tricks for library searches, and finding the right information for a school project.

The Richmond Public Library offers a Homework Help Club, as well as online resources to access from the comfort of your home.

As the summer wanes into fall, and you’re slowing down your busy schedule, I recommend you head to your local library to see how they can help you get back to a smooth-running routine quickly and discover the wealth of resources to assist you.


Have a great school year folks!