What Library Champions say about the Project

Libraries have a wealth of resources to help newcomers settle, but immigrants aren’t always aware of them. Library Champions, who are all dedicated volunteers, get out into their communities to spread the word about what public libraries have to offer.

 Featured Library Champions

During this program I found lots of new friends from different countries and different cultures. I appreciate that this program not only helps newcomers but also helps me to find new friends and to understood that I am not alone in this multicultural country.

Beheshteh Maleki September 12, 2013

During the project, I was always thinking how empowering for newcomers the program is… I felt I was doing something meaningful. I think this project is definitely contributing to making newcomers feel welcomed.

May 11, 2018

My training has allowed me to help people register their children up for the local reading club.

Nicole Liu September 12, 2013

Because of language barrier and lacking of social experience in Canada, I was so shy to join at first. I felt so comfortable and encouraged because all of our volunteers have one thing in common. We are full of enthusiasm and keen on integrating the society although we are lacking of real Canadian experience and facing some difficulties. You helped me with getting to know our community through communicating with others. You gave me a platform to dig myself deeply and build self-confidence. I benefited a lot from it.

May 11, 2018

Hear from Library Champions and their Supporters

Every Library Champion has a story to tell! Learn about the people who make a real difference in the community, including where they moved from and how being a Library Champion changed their lives and the lives of other newcomers in their community.