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The Vancouver Public Library

The Vancouver Public Library

What is the Vancouver Public Library?

Founded over a hundred years ago, the Vancouver Public Library (or VPL) is the primary source of information in the city of Vancouver. The VPL has prided itself on providing a free, safe, and educational place for everyone in Vancouver. Last year, the VPL brought in more than 6.9 million visits with almost 9.5 million items being borrowed across the city.

Where is the VPL?

The most iconic branch of the VPL may be the Central Library located in the middle of downtown Vancouver. Inspired by the Roman Coliseum, this beautiful attraction draws in visitors from across the world.

However, the VPL is actually a network up of 22 different branches throughout Vancouver. Each of these libraries have a massive shared database of books, DVDs, and resources, and any material in any library can be shipped to your library of choice.

Click here for a full list of branches with locations, hours of operations, and other features.

What resources are available for me?

Whether you’re a new immigrant to BC or someone who has been here for years, your local Vancouver library has something to help you. For a full list of resources available for you, take a look at our online resources page here.

What else can the library do for me?

The VPL network has an extensive listing of current and upcoming events taking place at library branches. These include workshops, book sales, reading clubs, seminars, and many others. You can find them here.

Not sure what to read next? Users can also access the “Readers’ Café:, a catalogue of staff recommendations, reviews, author news, book club, and upcoming program information. More detailed recommendations and reviews are available for specific sections and genres, such as science fiction, romance, mystery, horror, and many others. You can access the Readers’ Café here.

Joining the Library

Becoming a part of the VPL system is a simple process. You can either apply for a library card in person at any VPL branch (it only takes a few minutes) or you can fill out an online registration form. For both methods, you will require two pieces of identification that show you are a Vancouver resident. This includes driver’s license, Care Card, bank card, car insurance, etc.

For more information regarding the Vancouver Public Library system, you can visit their site here for more details and features available.