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One Card Many Libraries

“I ransack public libraries, and find them full of sunk treasure.”
― Virginia Woolf, Virginia Woolf

Each library offers its own unique treasure. My home library offers much, but I look forward to seeing what other libraries have to offer in their troves. Surrey Public Library (Central Branch) is located right next to my workplace so, naturally, it would be helpful to me to borrow materials from there as well. Lucky for me, I can (and it’s EASY!).

Step 1: 
Bring your Library Card and 1 piece of photo identification to your desired borrowing location (this location is particularly spectacular!).


Step 2: 
Wait for the next available super-awesome library staff member to assist you (so awesome, they should be wearing a super-hero cape).


Step 3:
Ask to have the librarian to add borrowing rights to your existing library card, then wait for them to do their magic.


Step 4: 
Listen carefully as the librarian explains your borrowing privileges.


Step 5:
Wander the library and look for your new ‘sunk treasure’ (I know, right?! It’s amazing!).

(I can’t wait to add the Vancouver Public Library to my borrowing privileges next!)