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No time to read? Try Audio Books!

Book club is coming up and I had absolutely no time to read the book. I did, however, have the time to listen. I had a long drive from Vancouver to Calgary ahead of me. I decided to get the Audio Book using my new borrowing privileges from the Surrey Public Library (I recently added the Surrey Public Library to my currently library card to increase my borrowing privileges).


Usually, I arm myself with music on my iPhone for the drive. After about 8 hours, I get pretty tired of the selection that’s on there and simply drive in silence, willing the time and the miles to pass quickly. This time, I took along my book. I plugged it into my CD player and started the drive. It was fantastic.

I was transported into the book by the voice of the narrator. I was taken. The same road that I’ve travelled so many times was suddenly not the same boring drive. In fact, I didn’t really even notice the drive (though it was beautiful!). I was busy focusing on the ever thickening plot of the novel. Time passed, daylight waned, the book came to an end. Before I knew it, I was in Calgary. The drive hadn’t seemed as long.

IMG_8038            IMG_8044

I wished I had brought more books for the ride home (I managed to finish 3!). I am looking forward to doing this again, as well as exploring other audio opportunities; I have been wanting to learn another language. I know where I’ll be headed for my next visit to the library: the audio languages section.