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Adult Summer Reading Club @ Port Moody Library

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Send your mind to boot camp this summer at the Port Moody Public Library. Sign up for the Adult Summer Reading Workout Program.

You choose your reading fitness goal and the type of “workout” you like best. We’ll suggest some great titles to keep you motivated.

How it works

  • Register at the library, starting June 1. You will receive a Summer Reading Workout card.
  • Declare your summer reading goal and track your workouts throughout the summer.
  • Get reading recommendations from our special summer-long display.
    We have books to fit your preferred workout:

    • Stretch and Strengthen: Give that brain a stretch! These picks will help strengthen your mind with new perspectives and topics that may teach, inspire, and surprise you.
    • Endurance: Build up your reading endurance with classes, lengthy tomes, and challenging subjects
    • Sprint: Want to get your heart rate up? Sprint to the finish with these shorter and fast-paced reads.
  • Participate in our weekly mini mental fitness challenges.
  • At the end of summer when you achieve your fitness goal, enter to win a great prize.

Come stretch and strengthen your brain, challenge your mind, and start some great new reading fitness habits.

Splash the Staff

Saturday, July 7, 2-2:30pm
Kick off the summer club with an afternoon of activities and throwing water balloons at library staff. Drop-in!

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