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Reading Buddies at your Public Libraries

Reading Buddies

With school just around the corner, you may want to know that many libraries throughout the Lower Mainland offer Reading Buddies programs. There are two types of Reading Buddies programs:

  1. The Reading Buddies program pairs teens in high school with kids ranging from grades 1 through 4 to practice English Language reading in a fun and supportive environment. It’s a great way for kids to practice reading, and for teens to gain some volunteer service hours.

Libraries offering the Reading Buddies programs are:

  1. The Reading to a Dog program pairs kids ranging from grades 1 through 4 to practice their English Language reading to a dog. Reading to a four-legged buddy can help your child build confidence and increase self-esteem. Trained therapy dogs are brought into the library for those needing a friend to read to.

Libraries offering the Reading to a Dog programs are:

Each program provides a positive, non-judgemental environment to encourage good reading habits. Due to the nature of this program, and limited spots, registration is required and usually requires a commitment of 6 weeks for both volunteers and school kids. Volunteers are trained and offered ongoing support from Library staff.

Regardless of which program is right for your child, sign up quickly to give your kids a healthy approach to learning and literacy.