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Diversity and immigration important elements in the success of local economy

Immigration has always been central to Canada’s economic, social and cultural prosperity. That prosperity trickles down to municipalities and cities.

Newcomers are woven into our national fabric and identity. They drive innovation, often providing advanced skills for the economy, they have a history of creating many of our largest companies and employers, thus enabling economic growth.

Equity, diversity and inclusion are Durham Workforce Authority (DWA) priorities. The DWA has identified these three priorities remain top of mind in all aspects of our work. The DWA continues its membership in the Local Diversity and Immigration Partnership Council (LDIPC), ensuring these issues are addressed in publications, training and community events.

The LDIPC was conceived 10 years ago and exists in almost every province. A lot has changed in the last decade; our community has matured as has our understanding of immigration and the need for immigration to support economic prosperity in the region.

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