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Class is in Session this September

Learn about free online learning resources and classes accessible with your library card

Come September 2020, schools will reopen in Stage 2 of the Five Stages Framework for K-12 Education.  The BC government has indicated that the majority of elementary and middle schools will return to full-time, in-class instruction, while secondary schools may require adjustments to timetables in order to maximize in-class instruction.

The 2020/2021 school year will be different for students, parents, and teachers. Stage 2 offers a full return to in-class instruction for students to maximize in-class time in within learning group limits. It also incorporates self-directed learning to supplement in-class instruction. Learning groups offer students access to staff and fellow students who will remain together and primarily interact with each other throughout the school year. These groups aim to benefit students with in-class learning, increased peer interaction and support, and decreased feelings of isolation.

Currently, learning group sizes are set for 60 students per group in Elementary and Middle Schools and 120 students for High Schools. School administrators are currently reviewing how this will look concretely and will connect with families as concrete information comes available.

Learn Online at Home or On the Go!

As we prepare for this upcoming school year, it is helpful to know where to find supplementary learning materials to help your child succeed. Libraries throughout the Lower Mainland are chock-full of such free resources, and best of all, they’re easily accessible with your library card. It may be helpful to familiarize yourself with your libraries website before the school year starts.

ExploraExplora is a research database that provides full-text access to magazines and journal articles, books, encyclopaedias, videos and more. This is a great tool for all grade levels. You can access Explora with your Fraser Valley Regional Library, Surrey Libraries, or North Vancouver District Library card.

Encyclopaedia Britannica OnlineEncyclopaedia Britannica Online is a multimedia encyclopedia that offers world-renowned entries on thousands of topics. In addition, it includes country comparisons, a world atlas, On this Day and Canada in Focus features and much more. The Vancouver Public Library offers free access to this resource.

SolaroSolaro offers course lessons, reviews, and practice tests for students in grades 3-12. From science and math to social studies and Eglish, Solaro follows the BC curriculum and provides online access to the same information found in the key study guides. You can access Solaro with your Richmond Public Library or West Vancouver Memorial Library card.

Creative BugCreative Bug offers thousands of arts and craft video classes with activities for all ages! Students can learn drawing, painting, sewing, knitting, paper crafts and much more online. You can access Creative Bug with your North Vancouver City Library or Coquitlam Public Library card.

Mango Languages helps you learn over 70 different languages! From Spanish and English to Russian and Japanese, you can learn at home or on the go. Mango Languages uses a unique teaching method that quickly engages you in real conversations between two native speakers. You can access Mango Languages with your Port Moody Public Library, Whistler Public Library, or Squamish Public Library card.

This is just a sample of the many online resources available to help your child succeed in school. If you are unsure what your library offers, contact them for assistance. Libraries in BC are a wealth of information and resources and are the best place to go for guidance.