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Make the Most of Your Time During the COVID-19 Pandemic by Exploring Learning Options with Your Local Library

Get Those Creative Juices Flowing and Pick Up a New Hobby Today!

With the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re no longer able to see family and friends on a regular basis or participate in the sports and activities that took up our downtime. This shift in our day-to-day has given many of us the chance to find new hobbies and interests.

Some people are using their time to learn new things. With your library card, you can access, a virtual learning platform that offers lessons in business, software, technology, and creative skills designed to help you achieve personal and professional success. With tutorials in five languages, and with subjects across the spectrum, has a lot to offer.

For People Seeking Creativity Through the Arts and Photography

For People Seeking CreativityExploring your creative side is a great way to learn more about yourself. Whether you’re interested in painting or digital arts, you’ll find a way to express yourself through your creativity!

One of the more popular options for people trying for the first time is photography. Classes range from becoming a photographer to a photojournalist. One course, for those with a lot of photos to go through, is learning how to restore photographs: “Learn how to bring new life to old photos and open up a source of income as a photo restoration specialist. These courses show how to fix torn photos, remove texture from scanned images, recreate missing pieces, fix colour casts, replace backgrounds, and more.”

For People Looking to Improve their Business Skills

For People Seeking Business SkillsDive into courses ranging from bookkeeping to collaboration, fostering innovation to mastering Microsoft Word, the business courses are plentiful through! There’s one specific course titled ‘Become a Successful Job Hunter’ that looks interesting: “Maximize your job search efforts with expert advice from career coaches and business professionals. Whether you’re a college graduate or student you can “learn how to craft a career plan, write a resume, search for a job, and nail the interview. You’ll also get a primer for professional life with courses on business acumen and how to start your job off right.”

For People Seeking to Improve Their Computer Skills

Categories include IT, Web, Developer, and 3D + Animation; each with their plethora of courses. Under IT, you will find courses on becoming a Network Administrator, an Ethical Hacker, or becoming a Data Engineer. In 3D + Animation, you will find courses ranging from Illustration to Rendering. You can learn C++ Developer courses through Java Programmer under the Developer heading. Lastly, you can learn front end web development, or how to create a web design business under the Web category.

For People Interested in Marketing Strategies

For People Seeking Marketing SkillsFrom content strategy to public relations, there is something to be learned about getting a message out to the right potential customers. Through different marketing courses, you can gain the knowledge needed to become a specialist. offers a great variety of courses for aspiring marketers which can all be found here.

Find your ideal course today through your local library!

There are loads of courses to explore and many BC libraries offer as a service through your membership. To find a library new you, visit our list of BC Libraries here to see what they offer! Happy learning everyone!