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About NewToBC

NewToBC Steering Committee

NewToBC would like to thank members of the project’s Steering Committee for their dedication, input and expertise. We especially thank them for their passion and commitment towards immigrant integration and for their assistance with the resources featured on this website.

What is NewToBC?


NewToBC partners with libraries and immigrant service providers to develop, deliver, and promote services and resources that support immigrant settlement and integration in communities across the province. NewToBC uses innovative approaches and emerging technologies to deliver three key activities.

1. NewToBC operates the Library Champions Project in communities across Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley in British Columbia. The Library Champions Project (LCP) is a volunteer outreach program for new immigrants. Since the start of the program in 2013, more than 1,380 new immigrants have been trained as Library Champions and these individuals have reached out to more than 81,000 other new immigrants. For more information about the LCP, click here.

2. NewToBC develops, updates and disseminates a variety of library and settlement information resources for new immigrants. First and foremost, the resources are uploaded and promoted on this website, through the networks of libraries and through numerous immigrant serving agencies. Second, these resources are distributed to new immigrants through the outreach work of the Library Champions. And lastly, these resources are promoted via NewToBC’s social media channels.

3. NewToBC uses social media platforms to share information about settlement resources, volunteer opportunities, and no cost workshops, training and community events of interest to new immigrants in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Go to our Facebook, TwitterInstagram, and LinkedIn feeds to find out more.

NewToBC is managed by Public Library InterLINK. The project represents the eighteen public library systems in the Public Library InterLINK federation. The project was established by the Government of British Columbia in 2012. NewToBC is currently funded through a Contribution Agreement with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

About Public Library InterLINK

Public Library InterLINK is a federation of 18 public library systems located in Metro Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, the Sunshine Coast, and Whistler-Pemberton-Lillooet regions. InterLINK exists to coordinate certain library services between its member libraries. InterLINK benefits its member libraries by achieving economies of scale on purchasing and by increasing the services and collections available to patrons of all member libraries through the creation of sharing mechanisms.