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Family Literacy Day Activities

At the end of January, Family Literacy is celebrated here in BC! The purpose of Family Literacy Day is to raise awareness around the importance of reading and engaging in literacy-related activities as a family. Schools, libraries, and other community groups take part in events at the end of January to support life-long learning. This initiative was started by ABC Life Literacy Canada, a national non-profit organization that inspires Canadians to increase their literacy skills. They mobilize business, government and communities to support life-long learning.

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Job Programs and Opportunities for New Immigrants

Job Opportunities for New Immigrants Ignite Program

Finding job opportunities in Canada can be a difficult and frustrating process for new immigrants. A recent survey of 6402 skilled immigrants found that, while most were employed in permanent jobs, “only 39.1 per cent had positions with duties similar to what they had before immigration.” While it can be challenging, there are many agencies that can help you find the right job opportunity and career fit. Even better, most of these services are free of charge.

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