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Sikh Heritage Month in BC: 4 Ways to Celebrate

Posted on: March 29, 2022

April is known as “Sikh Heritage Month” in Canada; an opportunity to celebrate the contributions and aspirations of all Sikh-Canadians and develop a greater understanding of a rich, unique, and diverse heritage. British Columbia is privileged to be the home to one of the largest Sikh populations outside of India. This year, Sikh Heritage British Columbia (SHBC) will explore the concept of “Sat Sri Akaal;” a phrase commonly recognized as a greeting amongst members of the Sikh and Punjabi communities. A series of in-person and virtual events throughout the Lower Mainland are available to encourage intercultural dialogue and spread awareness about the contributions Sikh Canadians have made to the province of British Columbia. 

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1. Attend ਸੱਚਾਘਰ True Home, an Immersive Installation

ਸੱਚਾ ਘਰ (Sacha Ghar), True Home, is an immersive installation that prompts participants to ask:

  • What is true home? 
  • What is our connection with a home? 
  • What happens if we disconnect from a home?

Visitors can engage in self or semi-guided tours of rooms to go on a journey. To experience True Home reserve today.

April 8 – 10, 2022 | Hubcast Studios – 8240 188 St, Surrey, BC 

2. Attend the Working the Green Chain: Sikhs, Fraser Mills and the Lumber Industry Reception

The Coquitlam Heritage Society’s exhibition Working the Green Chain: Sikhs, Fraser Mills and the Lumber Industry aims to inform visitors of the long history of the South Asian community in B.C., many of whom worked in the province’s lumber mills in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The exhibit showcases contributions made by the workers who helped build the province in addition to the discrimination they faced from the European community at the time.

Saturday, April 23, 2022 | 11:00 AM  3:00 PM | Coquitlam Heritage at Mackin House – 1116 Brunette Ave. Coquitlam BC

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3. Read Sikh Heritage Month Recommendations

Surrey Libraries has curated a list of books that provide you with some recommendations to discover Sikhism, Punjabi language, culture, and stories.

4. Follow the Sikh Heritage British Columbia (SHBC) social media channels for additional details on upcoming events.

The SHBC will be hosting an Art Fair and Paint Night, Children’s Programs, and a Gurdwara Tour & Shastar Exhibit. Details will be forthcoming.

Sikh Heritage Month was first celebrated in BC in 2018. On April 30, 2019, the Sikh Heritage Month Act became formally recognized by the Government of Canada. This means that throughout Canada, each and every year, April is to be known as “Sikh Heritage Month.” Let’s each contribute to a better awareness of the contributions of Sikhs in the building of this country.