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Join us to Learn about Immigrant Settlement Facts, Figures and Issues in Our Communities

Posted on: September 14, 2023

In 2022, Canada welcomed a record 406, 000 new immigrants and will welcome nearly 500,000 each year for at least the next three years. How will this shape our communities moving forward? Join us for a series of upcoming community presentations to hear about immigrant settlement facts, figures and issues for communities as we continue to grow and learn through this process. Our first presentation in Maple Ridge, BC was very successful and we look forward to engaging and sharing with communities throughout BC.

Where are Our Immigrants Coming From?

British Columbia has the second highest immigrant population compared to any other province or territory in Canada; only Ontario has a greater immigrant population. Census 2016 reported a total of 1,292,675 immigrants made BC their home, which represents 17.1% of Canada’s total immigrant population. During the presentations, we outline the latest numbers from Census 2021 data specific to your community.

You will learn where our immigrants are coming from and their backgrounds.

“The census data was very interesting. I have a better understanding of the definition of immigrant and how the census numbers are reflected.” Session Attendee

What Challenges are Immigrants Facing?

Our presentations feature a panel of newcomers living in your community. Hear first-hand, their experiences of integrating into their new communities.

Are they feeling welcomed?

What challenges do they face?

Their stories will provide insight and an understanding of what it is to be an immigrant.

“The personal stories of our new neighbours (recent immigrants) were very inspirational and courageous on their part – a heartfelt thank you to them.”

How Are Library and Community Services Being Impacted?

Libraries and community services throughout BC are continually pivoting to meet the needs of their citizens. The influx of immigrants places new demands on services and resources. The presentations provide insight into the specific impacts felt by front-line organizations working with immigrants. Presenters will share their experiences to paint a picture of current operations.

How Can We Work Together?

Through sharing and learning of what is being done to meet the needs of our newest residents, we will look for opportunities to collaborate and ideate. The very nature of the presentations brings together community leaders, service providers and immigrants so all voices are at the table. Each voice and experience matters more than it ever has.

The multiple perspectives and ideas generate conversations on how to best move forward with solid intent.

Register Now

There was a great turnout in Maple Ridge at the Fraser Valley Regional Library. We are travelling to communities throughout BC and highly encourage you to attend a session at your local library to learn more. Presentations will be held at the following locations, on the dates and times listed below. Registration is required.

We look forward to engaging with you soon.