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Hiring Foreign Talent: The Top 10 Benefits To Employers

Posted on: June 3, 2021

Canada immigration news: The bottom line for any employer with a responsibility to his or her stockholders has to be the bottom line – and immigrants can boost that and make the company run more smoothly in a myriad of ways.

Venture capitalist and Communitech CEO Chris Albinson knows this and has described Canada’s growing openness to immigrants as a shrewd move, particularly in light of the clampdown on immigration south of the border during the presidency of Donald Trump.

“As the United States has tightened immigration and become less welcoming, Canada has made shrewd policy moves to attract top global talent and capital,” wrote Albinson in an opinion piece in The Globe and Mail.

“Canada now has six times as many skilled immigrants, as a percentage of the population, as our American neighbours do – a significant stat when you consider half of the founders of America’s tech unicorns (private companies worth $1-billion or more) were born outside the U.S.”

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