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Surrey Libraries Donor Spotlight: Happy Bean International Association

Posted on: March 9, 2023

The future looks bright: how two students are creating their own legacy of literacy

Growing up in Canada, Stephanie often felt stuck between Canadian and Chinese cultures. She felt she didn’t belong anywhere.

But a local multicultural festival inspired Stephanie to embrace her Chinese heritage, and to share it with other youth.

In 2020, Stephanie and fellow high school student Carrie co-founded Happy Bean International Association (HBIA). HBIA offers participants a chance to learn Chinese language and culture. It also helps build connections with people from diverse backgrounds.

Stephanie and Carrie believe in the power of culture and language. They’re passionate about helping Canadian youth to improve their literacy skills.

They’re also passionate about giving back to their community.

Which is why they spent over a year collecting donations to support Read to Baby at Surrey Libraries.

They started with $5 per student and grew from there, with the help of HBIA members and parents.

In July, Stephanie and Carrie presented their donation on behalf of HBIA to Surrey Libraries.

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