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Canada ranked as 2nd best country globally in 2023

Posted on: October 17, 2023

According to the 2023 Best Countries ranking by U.S. News, Canada is the second-best in the world overall this year.

Moving up from the third spot on U.S. News’ list a year ago, Canada has cemented itself as a top country in many aspects. 

Specifically, Canada ranked among the top five nations in four of the 10 sub-categories assessed by U.S. News while also ranking in the top seven for nine of the 15 “best for” rankings. More on this to follow. 

For the rankings among the 10 sub-categories, the following lists the four areas where Canada ranked inside the top five countries.

  1. For Entrepreneurship, Canada ranked 5th behind the United States (US), Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom (UK)
  2. For Quality of Life, Canada was ranked 3rd behind Sweden and Norway
  3. In the Social Purpose sub-category, Canada ranked 4th behind Sweden, Norway and Finland
  4. Canada ranked 2nd for Agility behind the US

Further, U.S. News chose to evaluate the countries that survey respondents considered the “Best For” different attributes and characteristics. Here are the attributes for which Canada ranked among the top seven nations across the world. 

  • 2nd best country to start a career
  • 4th best country for education
  • 7th best country for studying abroad
  • 7th best country for raising kids
  • 2nd best country for racial equality
  • 6th best country for women
  • 6th best country for comfortable retirement
  • 6th most transparent country
  • 2nd best country to headquarter a corporation

Source: CanadaVisa