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Library Champions Project at NewToBC

What is the Library Champions Project?

The Library Champions Project (LCP) is a three-month volunteer program for new immigrants.

Through the project, Library Champions learn to conduct outreach to other new immigrants. The LCP’s training sessions focus on building communication, presentation, and outreach skills and on gaining an understanding of the range of programs, services, and resources that are provided by libraries and immigrant and community service agencies.

After the training sessions, Library Champions develop an outreach plan that is doable for them and fits their schedule. These plans include sharing information with friends, family, colleagues, and other community members, giving group presentations, speaking with community agencies, and using social media. LCP facilitators support the Library Champions with their outreach by helping them identify additional contacts and overcoming any challenges.

On average, each Library Champion shares information with more than 50 other new immigrants. As of March 2024, more than 2,300 new immigrants have been trained as Library Champions and these individuals have reached out to more than 116,500 other new immigrants!

Libraries across the province are a part of the Library Champions Project. The project is also supported by numerous immigrant-serving organizations and community agencies which assist with project promotion and referrals.

For more information and registration details, click here or contact the project facilitators:
Reena Didi-Bansal at
Nina Miller at
Branka Vlasic at

10 Reasons to Become a Library Champion
  1. Discover amazing programs at your public library.
  2. Learn about the services offered by community and immigrant serving agencies.
  3. Build English communication & presentation skills.
  4. Increase your confidence.
  5. Help other new immigrants.
  6. Give back to your community.
  7. Learn about events & activities in your city.
  8. Gain volunteer experience and references.
  9. Learn about different cultures.
  10. Make new friends.
Library Champion Raising Hand

To register to become a Library Champion and to hear what past Library Champions say about the project, visit these pages: