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Library Programs and Events

Libraries have programs and events that help immigrants settle and connect. Libraries offer conversation practice groups, activities for babies and children, help with career planning and job search, book clubs, citizenship test preparation, and much more.

Programs and events at libraries are free and open to everyone. Some are offered in the library and some are online.

Search here to learn more about local libraries and to sign up for programs and events coming up at the 84 public library branches in and near Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

These 84 library branches belong to 18 different library systems. The 18 library systems belong to a federation called Public Library InterLINK. Public Library InterLINK works to facilitate open and fair access to library services for all residents. Public Library InterLINK supports its member libraries by coordinating collaborative activities such as Interlibrary Loans and the delivery of books and materials to different libraries, facilitating communication across library systems, and contract managing NewToBC and Library Champions Project.

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