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The NewToBC Blog covers a range of topics important to new immigrants and their settlement. Learn about library resources and services, check out cultural holidays and festivals, read about a new hobby, find things to do with your children, explore workshop and training options. NewToBC posts two blogs per month. Visit often or subscribe to have the blog delivered to your inbox!

Empowering Newcomers: The Library Champions Project

May 07, 2024

A quiet revolution has been taking place, one that is transforming the lives of newcomers to Canada. The Library Champions Project is a team effort between Public Library InterLINK and NewToBC to help newcomers discover how to connect to their new communities through library and…

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Embracing Change: From Puerto Vallarta to British Columbia

April 19, 2024

In September 2023, I moved to British Columbia from Puerto Vallarta. I’ve encountered a myriad of challenges and joys, all of which have shaped my experience as a newcomer to this beautiful province. Here’s how I’ve gone about Embracing Change: From Puerto Vallarta to British Columbia. New Beginnings Our decision…

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Sikh Heritage Month in British Columbia

April 15, 2024

April brings a special occasion – Sikh Heritage Month in British Columbia. Since 2017, April has been marked as Sikh Heritage Month in BC to honour the invaluable contributions Sikhs have made to our province over the last century. It’s a time when communities unite to celebrate the contributions of Sikh Canadians to our province’s cultural, social, and economic landscape.

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A Guide for Newcomers to Understand Canadian Taxes

March 27, 2024

Moving to Canada comes with the responsibility of understanding how taxes work in your new country. Whether you’re here permanently, for work, or for studies, dealing with taxes is inevitable. Let’s break down what you need to know, in a guide for newcomers to understand Canadian taxes.

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