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BC Libraries Are Amazing!

Libraries are often the first place new immigrants visit when they arrive in BC. There is a library in almost every community in BC. Libraries are free, and everyone is welcome!

New immigrants visit libraries to get information about housing, to search for jobs, to study English, to prepare for citizenship exams, and so much more. Libraries have places to study, and to relax. They have computers that you can use and staff that will answer questions and help you find information and resources.

Every library is unique. Some libraries have comfortable couches and fireplaces and coffee shops. Some libraries have recording studios and 3D printers. Some libraries will loan you equipment like cameras, iPads, and sun lights.

Each library has a different collection of books, newspapers, magazines and audio and visual materials. Each library offers different programs and events. Each library offers access to different materials online.

Learn more about libraries near you

It doesn’t matter what community you live in, you can visit any public library. Because each library is different, it is a good idea to visit the websites of different libraries to learn about their facilities, materials, programs, and events.

There are 18 library systems in the South Coast region of BC including libraries in communities across Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Some of these library systems have more than one location. In total, there are 85 library branches in the region. Choose a library from this list to find the library’s address and location on a map, the hours the library is open, and a link to the library’s website.

You will also find a photo and some “key facts” about each library. This is a great way to see how each library is unique!

Library Information for Libraries Near You
Library Cards and the BC OneCard

You do not need a library card to visit a public library in BC. If you want to borrow materials from a library, you will need a library card. Library cards are free. To get a library card, all you need to do is a bring piece of personal identification to the library in your community. At some BC libraries, you can sign up for a library card online!

Once you have a library card from the library in your community, you can get a BC OneCard that will allow you to borrow materials from other libraries in BC. You can learn more about the BC OneCard at the library in your community.

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