Settlement Information for Newcomers

Settlement Information For Newcomers

Skilled Immigrant InfoCentre

Vancouver Public Library’s Skilled Immigrant InfoCentre (SIIC) helps newcomers of all immigration statuses access the information they need to find meaningful employment in British Columbia.

SIIC helps immigrants understand:

  • job search strategies
  • career exploration
  • the local labour market
  • wages/salary
  • the role of industry associations
  • credential evaluation      

SIIC’s friendly and knowledgeable staff offer free workshops and events which cover topics like accessing the hidden job market, starting a business, and exploring other careers. Additionally, they provide in-depth one-to-one help for newcomers who are exploring careers, looking for a job, or starting a business. They answer all sorts of questions and refer users to other services, agencies, professional associations, and organizations as needed. All services are free.

SIIC provides many amazing resources to help newcomers find a job including a huge collection of employment guides with job search information about more than 150 career paths. These resources are available online at and in person at Vancouver Public Library’s Central Library. No library card required. No appointment needed.

Want to get started? Here’s how to connect:

SIIC Coordinator, Kelty Roberts

Members of The Skilled Immigrant InfoCentre Using Computer