Settlement Information for Newcomers

Settlement Information For Newcomers

Immigrant Demographics by Community

Each community in BC is different and immigrants play an important role in the growth and development of our communities. Using Census 2016 data, the NewToBC team identified, analyzed, and compiled data related to immigration and developed these 16 community demographic profiles. Select profiles are in the process of being updated using data from Census 2021. The updated profiles will be released in Summer / Fall 2023.

For newcomers, this information may help you understand you new community. For service providers, this information is invaluable to program planning and service delivery. For businesses, this information can be used to help understand your customers and clients, to recruit new staff to represent and provide good service to different populations, and to shape product lines and services.

To learn about cities in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley, choose a city from the dropdown menu and click the blue “Download” button. You can choose from 16 cities. Each profile holds information on population, immigration trends and numbers, countries of origin, languages spoken, age, education levels, and occupations.