Settlement Information for Newcomers

Settlement Information For Newcomers

English Language Learning Materials

Find print and web-based resources to help you improve your English.

Libraries in BC have many books, videos, and online tools to help immigrants learn and improve their English. Here you can search for materials by language level, by language topic or skill, and by type of material. These resources have been recommended by English Language teachers and will get you started. You will find many more resources in libraries.

Once you have found what you are looking for, you can search your home library or go online to see what library holds the material. If your home library does not have it, you can ask for materials to be sent from another library to your home library. This is called an Interlibrary Loan. You can find out more about Interlibrary Loans by asking staff at your home library or reading about these loans on the website of your home library.

How to search

  1. Choose your language level; for example, “Beginner”.
  2. Select a language skill or topic; for example, “Grammar”. You can choose more than one or “Select All”.
  3. Choose “Print” and/or “Website”.
  4. Click “Search”.
  5. If you would like to print your results, click “Print Results” and a PDF list will be created.