Library Champions Project

Library Champions Project at NewToBC

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The NewToBC Team is always looking for new Library Champions! Every year, more than 200 people from across British Columbia are trained as Library Champions. 

If you are looking for volunteer work experience and a chance to meet new people and connect to your community, consider becoming a Library Champion. To learn more, register for an information session.

The Library Champions Project (LCP) is looking for newcomers who are:

  • Permanent Residents (PR) but not yet Canadian citizens, Protected Persons, or people in Canada on CUAET visas
  • 19 years of age or older
  • Enthusiastic about libraries
  • Interested in volunteering in the community to share information about library and settlement resources with other newcomers

To become a Library Champion you must attend an information session. Register for an information session below.

Information sessions for the next round of cycles of the Library Champions Project will take place in August and September 2024.

Register here to be informed when new Information Sessions are planned.