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Face to Face with Depression: Stories of Hope

Thursday, May 4
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

Mental illness affects people of all ages and backgrounds.

McGill Branch Library is pleased to present speakers from Mood Disorders Association of BC’s Speakers’ Bureau to come and share with you inspiring personal stories of struggle and hope that will help us gain more insight into mental health issues and help dispel social stigma and encourage empathy in our community.

Established in 2012, the Speakers’ Bureau aims to bring the stories behind mental illness and provide useful and accurate information resources to the Vancouver Coastal Health region and beyond.

This presentation is free but please register by calling McGill Branch, at 604-299-8955 or you can register online.

Lost and Found


I went to the library on the weekend to pick up a book I had placed a hold on. Usually, I run into the library, check out my book, and run out. This time, I had one more book I needed, so I went past the hold area, and ventured into ‘fiction’ in search for my book. And then I got lost. Luxuriously lost.

I have barely enough time to read the book we choose for book-club each month. I continually scramble at the last minute to complete it in time to discuss with my group. Such is how life has been for me lately. Feeling rushed in commuting to and from work, in completing the daily tasks at work, in taking the kids to and from their activities, making dinner and packing lunches, attending birthday parties and gatherings – my life is frenetic. I’m having a hard time keeping up.

In this rapid pace, I find that I have no time to spend in the library; but when I found a rare moment that I was able to spend time there, I discovered that this is something I miss having time for. I miss getting lost in looking at book covers. I miss reading the backs of the books that entice me to read further. I miss wandering up and down the aisle picking up this book and that, feeling its weight, flipping through pages, getting lost. I miss looking through the music collections and finding something new to listen to. I miss watching others doing as I do.

This day, I found the ‘feeling’ of being in the library again. The feeling of quiet delight as I explored these books. The feeling that there is so much to learn from those who have written in these pages. The feeling of time, and all of the pressures associated with it, slipping away. The feeling of being so completely and utterly engrossed in doing something I love, that I’ve lost complete track of time.

As I wandered, I allowed my body to remember how the library feels – the feeling of my mind relaxing, the feeling of being content, the feeling of being in a moment and not having another care in the world. As I was leaving, I took note of how I felt and I made a promise to myself to make the time I needed to enjoy this more frequently. The thing about time is, we never have it until we make it a priority. It’s time to do just that.