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4 Ways that Local Immigration Partnerships Help Newcomers Become Locals

Posted on: January 30, 2023

Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) are designed to strengthen a community’s capacity to attract and integrate newcomers. Since 2008, LIPs in Canada have convened to support community-level research and planning to create more welcoming and inclusive communities where newcomers are connected and have opportunities to participate economically, socially, politically, and culturally. LIPs do not deliver services directly to immigrants. Instead, they foster local engagement of organizations that offer services to newcomers, support community-level research and planning and improve coordination of services that help immigrants settle and integrate. LIPs are funded by IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada). 

LIPs Enhance Newcomer’s Access to Community Services and Programs

Membership in LIPs reflects a diversity of services within each community. Libraries, schools, healthcare, employment services, chambers of commerce, employers, local government, neighbourhood houses and women, children and senior services are some examples of typical LIP members, as they interact with newcomers regularly and can make recommendations about their needs. LIPs examine and address issues that improve service coordination across immigrant service organizations and mainstream service sectors. 

LIPs Strengthen Intercultural and Civic Engagement

LIPs offer engagement activities that bring together newcomers and long-time residents with the purpose of strengthening social relations and community cohesion. LIPs lead community consultations bringing immigrants and communities together to dialogue and share experiences, organize events raising awareness of and promoting cultural diversity, give workshops addressing racism and much, much more.

LIPs Create Welcoming and Inclusive Workplaces

LIPs partner with businesses and employers to foster welcoming and inclusive workplaces for all. Immigrants provide important cultural diversity to local communities as well as skills, investment, and an entrepreneurial spirit. It is important for communities to have a plan to attract and keep immigrants in local communities. LIPs offer information and events for businesses to learn how to recruit and retain immigrant workers as a part of their labour strategies. 

LIPs Engage Governments and Public Institutions to Address Newcomers Needs

The public sector and governments play key roles in supporting newcomers’ integration. LIPs examine how governments and public institutions can respond to newcomers’ needs, including in areas such as housing, health, and access to local and municipal services. LIPs engage senior-level representation from a broad range of institutions and community agencies, which has resulted in improving the comfort, health, and standards of living of newcomers.

LIPs prepare communities to be truly welcoming and inclusive and to help newcomers work, live, and engage as active citizens, building stronger communities and businesses for everyone. Currently, there are about 86 Local Immigration Partnerships across Canada. To learn more about LIPs and how to become involved, visit this listing on our website: 18 in BC