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South Asian Cultural Museum Engagement Session

Jun 13 2024

Event Details

Where: Surrey Board Of Trade 14439 104 Ave Unit 101, Surrey
Date: June 13
When: 1:00 - 3:00pm

Join us for a dynamic and inclusive consultation roundtable on the development of the South Asian Heritage Museum, funded by the BC Government. This vital gathering aims to amplify the voices of diverse communities, including LGBTQ2SI+, BIPOC, South Asian, and business representatives, in shaping the future of this cultural landmark.

This consultation roundtable provides a unique opportunity for stakeholders to engage in meaningful dialogue and offer insights into key aspects of museum development, such as cultural representation, accessibility, community engagement, education, and business opportunities.

Participants will have the chance to share their perspectives, ideas, and recommendations in facilitated discussions led by experienced facilitators. Through breakout sessions and collaborative exchanges, we will collectively explore ways to ensure that the South Asian Heritage Museum reflects the rich diversity and heritage of our communities.

Whether you are a community leader, business owner, activist, or simply passionate about preserving and promoting South Asian culture, your voice matters in this important conversation.

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