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Travel Stories: Page and Pavement 在路上: 讀書與旅行

Apr 2 2024

Event Details

Where: Vancouver Public Library - Central Library
Date: April 2
When: 11:00am - 12:30pm

Conducted in Mandarin with Cantonese support.

Take a journey with us and explore the beauty found by road and on page. Let’s share favourite travel experiences and books about the places we have been or wish to visit. Each month will focus on a specific place, but who knows where the discussion will end up!

  • April 2, The Southern United States: Gone with the Wind in an RV
  • April 30, Israel: A Journey to the Holy Land
  • May 28, Fiji and New Zealand: Touring Wonderland
  • June 25, The Northern Lights: Searching for Magic in the Sky

華語活動, 國語粵語都歡迎

讓我們一起上路, 探訪路上的美景, 書中的美好。分享有趣的旅途見聞, 聊聊和那些地方那些人與事相關的書, 不管是去過的還是想去的。每月鎖定一個目的地, 可誰知道, 這趟不出門的旅行會帶我們到哪流連。

  • 四月二號,美國: 駕著房車飄在南方
  • 四月三十號,以色列: 朝聖之旅
  • 五月二十八號,斐濟與新西蘭: 流連在夢幻之鄉
  • 六月二十五號, 北極光:追尋魔幻星空

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